Saturday, July 30, 2011

Camping with the Cousins!

Dirty Ellie, hamming it up in front of the camera.
Brayden, Victoria, and Austin making a water fall, and getting really dirty.
To Cool for School
So Dirty
Audrey and Dallin love to play together. They did the whole camping trip.
The whole idea for this camping trip was because Sean and Alan wanted to scope out hunting area's for the big Elk hunt Alan drew out for. Erik brought two 4 wheelers and we brought Alan's dads. So Alan, Erik, and Sean woke up early Friday morning and headed out on the 4 wheelers. They were gone for a long time, which was okay, but we did start to get worried since they didn't have food or water (that we knew of). Eventually, Erik pulls up with Alan on the back of the 4 wheeler. The first thing we thought of was; Where is Sean? But a minute later Sean pulled up. I Guess Alan got a flat on his dad's 4 wheeler, so that is why he was riding with Erik. Alan had to ride into the closest town to buy a new rim and tire, and then he had to have Sean give him a ride clear back to where the 4 wheeler was to fix it. Apparently they had ridden 80 miles that morning on the 4 wheelers. Then next morning Alan had discovered he had a cluster of blisters and sores on his bum from riding on the 4 wheelers for so long. Ouch!
This was such a fun camping trip, we were all so dirty, but it was so worth it!

Bear Lake

Victoria, Austin, Melissa, Mason, and Brady. Victoria and Melissa hung out pretty much the whole time we were up there, and mostly in the Lake. Brayden hardly left the lake, he ended up with some pretty rosy cheeks. Because the water was so high this year, Brady and Tor could swim in the lake when ever they wanted, because we could easily watch them from the pavilion.

We should probably consider buying her a new swimsuit. Look at how saggy it is!
Ellie and Amanda playing in the sand. That is what Audrey and Ellie did the whole time.
Ellie singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Victoria interrupts her by laughing, and that is when she say "Hey, Quiet". It is pretty dang funny!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

4th of July!


After a long hot day at the zoo, I felt pretty much the same way!

Ellie was scared of the horse.

Father's Day

We took Alan out to lunch for fathers day. We went to Mccool's Public House in Foothill for some Irish food.

Audrey's Surgery

After getting her tonsils out. They would not let her leave until she drank half a sippy cup of juice.

Before surgery