Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random and Brady's Birthday

So sorry, the text is not lined up with the correct pictures!

This chocolate cake took at lot of effort, but I loved it. Although, it clocked in at around 500 calories a sliver of a slice.

Audrey, Brayden and Victoria's friend Jackson, Brayden and Victoria playing on the playset at Pirate Island.

Brayden's Birthday dinner at Pirate Island. Alan and Laura were clear on the other side of the table, I texted Alan to talk to him during dinner.

Brayden's Birthday he got at foam target for his bb gun.

kids playing twister for FHE.

Of course, I need at least one picture sidways in each blog. These are the flowers Alan bought for me for Valentines day!

Lobster Rissoto I made for Valentines dinner. Rissoto seemed pretty intimidating, but it actually was not that complicated. I even boiled the Lobster and cut it out of the shell. So delicous! I felt like a gourmet chef!

Playing Dance 2 on the Wii with Aunt Kat and Mom.