Sunday, December 7, 2008

Annual Gingerbread House Party!

Alan and I invited 3 or 4 couples over to our apartment in 2001 to a Gingerbread House Party/Contest! It was so fun, we have done it every year since. The competetion gets steeper every year, trying to come up with a more unique idea, then the year before. Some things we have done in the past are: The Salt Lake Temple, The Taj Mahal, Byu Stadium, A Bridge, An Airport, The Polar Express, A Trailor Home, A spoof on the tv show "House", etc... This year we teamed up with Dave and Brandy Brinton, because we were all short of ideas. We couldn't come up with anything for quite awhile, then we finally agreed and an Eskimo Village, comprising of: 4 igloo's, A dog Sled with 4 candy dogs, 2 Cinnamon Bears snow shoiing, and the most artistic rendition of a candy fire I have ever seen (thanks Brandy)!

We got 2nd Place! We still have never gotten 1st, but next year, it's ours! We have already come up with a great idea!

The Beach house is the one that beat us! Camille and Jake Thompson made it!