Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Heather and Sean
Alan and I hanging out at the condo or hotel? Whatever you call it.

Me looking in on a Catholic Mass.

Me, trying to make it look like I was naked. Didn't work though.

The waves off of Divorce Beach were so awesome! It was so beautiful.

In between Lovers and Divorce beach.

Coming out of a cave that smelled like pee.

Al and I having a blast swimming in the big waves in the Sea of Cortez.

Blurry pic. Sorry.

Al covered in sunscreen and sand, drinking his drink.

This was one of the cheapest resterants we went to. I loved my sandwich. It was made out of Ham, refried beans, hot dogs, pineapple and cheese. Weird I know, but really good. I don't have a picture of our favorite resarant El Fagon. It was really cheap but so good. We went there twice! I wish we had Mexican food like that here. Hmmmm...Yum.

Heidi and Erik

The first or second night there, we went to this restaurant "Jasmin's".

Can you see why I gained 4 lbs? Check out those servings.

Authentic Mexican Restaurant Decor.

Me at the Mega, searching for some good produce.

At the hotel's restaurant "Mamma Mia".

Alan and I had the opportunity to go to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico October 1st-8Th. My dad gave my sisters and I the trip as wedding presents. It was so fun to spend time with my sisters, and the get to know their husbands better. One of the funniest things I learned was about Heidi's husband Erik, was When he sleeps he can't have anything touching him at all. Heidi says he puts pillow surrounding him like it is Fort Knox. Erik said sometimes it even bugs him to have his fingers touch, so he will put the blanket in between his fingers to separate them while he sleeps. Hilarious! Heather and Sean did not get there until Saturday afternoon. So the first couple of days with Heidi and Erik we learned that we are all too much alike. We were all so laid back it was hard to make decisions. When Heather and Sean got here we definitely had more direction, and that is when we did most of our activities. There was a huge Super Store called "Mega" (It like the Mexican version of Wal-mart- but with customer service). The store smelled of stinky fish most of the time. They had so many fly's swarming around the meat, it was so unsanitary. I had a hard time picking produce I felt comfortable eating, because most of it looked rotten. One funny thing about he Mega was, you didn't have to buy a whole melon, they would cut off the part you wanted and Saran wrap the rest and put it back on the pile. Weird?
In most boutique type stores and street vendors you could negotiate the price. Which I actually really enjoyed. I was actually nervous at first, but when I realized I would just end up paying extra if I didn't negotiate. I got a $20 dollar item for $8. I love a good deal! The only Spanish I really learned was: Donda esta el Banias (Spell?- Where is the bathroom)? We ate soooo much food. I gained 4 lbs on the trip, which is actually good considering how much I ate. We went through so many boxes of Oreo's (Although Alan ate most of them:) ) My favorite part of the trip was sleeping in every day, not cleaning, and not taking care of kids. It was such a good break.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Victoria's Baptisim

You are invited to Victoria Paul's Baptisim.
Date: October 31 (Halloween)
Time: 10 a.m.
Where: Our Stake Center (965 W. 2000 N. Orem, Ut 84057)

Following the Baptisim, we will be having a luncheon at our house. We will be having Soup in bread bowls. If you would like to bring something, pick from the list below and then comment so we know what to expect.

Creamy Soups for bread bowls
Thinner soups we will have in regular bowls
Halloween Treats or Regular treats
Apple Cider

We hope to see you all there.