Sunday, December 7, 2008

Annual Gingerbread House Party!

Alan and I invited 3 or 4 couples over to our apartment in 2001 to a Gingerbread House Party/Contest! It was so fun, we have done it every year since. The competetion gets steeper every year, trying to come up with a more unique idea, then the year before. Some things we have done in the past are: The Salt Lake Temple, The Taj Mahal, Byu Stadium, A Bridge, An Airport, The Polar Express, A Trailor Home, A spoof on the tv show "House", etc... This year we teamed up with Dave and Brandy Brinton, because we were all short of ideas. We couldn't come up with anything for quite awhile, then we finally agreed and an Eskimo Village, comprising of: 4 igloo's, A dog Sled with 4 candy dogs, 2 Cinnamon Bears snow shoiing, and the most artistic rendition of a candy fire I have ever seen (thanks Brandy)!

We got 2nd Place! We still have never gotten 1st, but next year, it's ours! We have already come up with a great idea!

The Beach house is the one that beat us! Camille and Jake Thompson made it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Disney On Ice!

I took Brady and Victoria to the Energy Solutions Arena yesterday afternoon for Disney On Ice! This video of Mulan is not very clear, but as you can kinda see, she is really good. The show was a little under 2 hours long. They did a little section from alot of Disney movies. They also did a little electrical parade, with lit floats and props, it was very impressive. The kids loved it, and they had to earn it, so I think they appreciated it more.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Being sick, yuck!

So, I am excited that I am pregnant. But I must say I am tired of always feeling like I need to puke. It is especially bad 7-10 am, but still feel pretty nauseous the whole day. Things that have made me throw up: The way Brady chews. Lots of food, mouth always open. I said to him "Brady, please close your mouth when you chew, I am going to throw up!" Chomp, Chomp, Chomp... Next thing I know I am running to the toilet, barely making it in time. I have thrown up grape juice twice now, I don't know if it is a coincidence or grape juice. And not eating quick enough in the mornings. But, I am now 12 weeks on Sunday soooo, if things go the way they usually do, it should be over it pretty soon. Alan, was saying today "Can you believe soon we will have another little tiny baby wrapped like a burrito, laying it down to sleep!" I can't believe it, but it is becoming more real all the time. I guess we need to think about names. By the way, I have a baby bump. April

I still haven't quite figured out the picture thing yet, but this is one of Victoria at Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello Everyone! Today is friday, yeah! I love the weekends, always a good break from toria's school, working out, and so many other daily stresses. Tonight we are going to hang out with some of Alan's friends and play games and eat hot wings! And Toria and Brady are going to watch a kid movie. Fun, fun! Ahhhh....I guess we are having a showing they forgot to tell us about. I will blog more later. april

Friday, October 31, 2008

New to blogging!

This is my first experience with blogging. To start off I will tell you a little bit about where we are at right now. We now live in Pleasant Grove and we are home tending. We love the area and our new ward. Our youngest Audrey just turned one on Sept. 17Th, and we just found out we are pregnant with #4 (surprise)! Alan just started a new job about a month and a half ago, and I have never seen him work so hard! I am so proud of him. I just got called to the Relief Society Presidency (the secretary), and that is keeping me super busy. As some of you may know we used to own Southwest Ballet Academy and we recently freed ourselves of such a big burden. Don't get me wrong, it was a great learning experience, but life was soooooo stressful and soooooo hard sometimes. I feel like a new woman, and such a better mom (now that I actually can spend time with them). Victoria is in 1st grade and loves learning to read. Brayden is doing "home pre-school" with mom and he knows the letters a through e. Audrey is on the brink of walking and says "Da Da, no no no, and that's about it. Life is getting better for us and we are excited about that! Well I will post again soon!