Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy B-day Alan, Summer, and so on...

Lovely! Brayden has a chocolate face from Alan's birthday cake.

Ellie loves cake

Audrey in a leotard sitting ON the table next to her cake

Helping Daddy blow out the candles

Weird pattern of candles, it looks kinda like a J.

Wow, he has allot of kids!

"Chips Ahoy, just what I wanted!" These cookies were from one of the kids.

I took the kids to go see Despicable Me on Saturday night because Daddy was hunting. Surprisingly, the kids were perfect Angels and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Ellie at Victoria's Soccer game.

Victoria's first Soccer game.

All the kids at Geertsen Family Birthday party.

Grandma Shirley had one of the birthdays.

Heather and Sean

Meliek made the Lego dude that was sewing for my mom's birthday. What a thoughtful gift, she loved it.

What is that face?


Brayden's First day of First Grade.

Victoria's first day of Third Grade.

Victoria and Brayden with our down stairs neighbor Carlos. They walk to school together every morning.

My brother in law Erik and my sister invited all the nieces and nephews to come up to Strawberry and go Crawdad fishing with them, and then come back to his folks cabin and cook em' up. To Crawdad fish; you tie a chicken drumstick to a piece of string, throw it in the lake, then pull the chicken up and retrieve the Crawdad (which can be a little creepy, because you have to grab it). It was such a blast! We had a feast of Crawdads, Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, and Sausages sprinkled with Cajun seasoning. Oh my! So Delicious! The Crawdads were pretty good, if you could get past the yellowish green goo that squishes out when you detach the body from the head. Brayden was fascinated with the little things, and was tearing it apart one piece at a time and inspecting every inch of it. That kid should be and doctor and make use of his fearlessness to things that most people would be squeamish too. He loves to help Daddy tear apart Doves when he comes back from hunting.

The Crawdad

Aunt Heidi and Audrey


Austin fishing

Victoria with her Chicken drumstick

You just fish from the dock, couldn't be funner!

Heather and I went to Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country at the end of the summer. It was allot of fun. The kids got to see a brand new baby calf and lots of other animals. This is a picture of us waiting in line to ride the ponies (it was an hour wait). I love the look on Dallin's face.

Dallin and Heather

Ellie was supposed to ride on a pony too, but she was too scared, so I walked around next to Audrey.

Victoria feeding a Llama dried corn.

My Dad and Glo through me a surprise Birthday party in St. George. It was so much fun.

This picture is so funny! My dad had put sunscreen on, and coulden't get it to rub in!

Audrey painting her bobble head!

I guess I really like this picture!

Ellie, under the table agian!

Kids painting Bobble heads in St. George.

Beautiful Victoria (sorry the pic it sidways)!

Ellie's favorite place, under my vanity (or any table or desk).


Look at those eyes!