Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, Audrey! And Christmas...

I think Victoria looks so gorgeous in this picture. Hey Brady, your pretty cute yourself.
Brayden and Audrey sledding on Grandma's and Grandpa's front hill of a yard.

Ellie and Aunt Tracie.

This year for Christmas eve we had a family party with my side at Aunt Heidi's house. We had such a Delicious dinner prepared by Erik, exchange presents and talk to Danny on the phone (he is in Jail). Sorry I don't have any pics of that night because I hadn't opened my new camera I got for Christmas yet!
Christmas day was so fun. When the kids got up Audrey ran in the front room, looked at all the presents and saw that there was a kid car (the kind you drive Flintstones style) and pushed all the other presents out of the way and jumped in gushing "Car, ahhh!" Good thing it was for her. This year we tried a new tradition. Victoria and I wrote a letter to Santa, asking him if he could only bring 3 presents for each of us, because we wanted to have Christmas be just like the first, when the 3 wise men brought Jesus 3 gifts. I loved how it turned out and I am pretty sure we will keep this one going.
He is so excited, can't you tell?

Victoria got this Easy Bake oven for Christmas and has treated the whole family to some yummy treats.

This is a picture of Audrey on Christmas day, trying to sneak and steal Ellie's Peach Cobbler baby food Ellie got in her stocking.

These are Dora slippers Aunt Laura and Uncle Mike got Audrey for Christmas. She loves Dora!

Audrey on her first day of dance. She wasn't quite sure what to think about it at first, but now she is participating and seems to be enjoying herself.
This little cutie has been such a handful lately. I put her down for a nap 2 days ago and when I went in to check on her, she was had found Victoria's hair gel and covered herself and her doll in it and took off her diaper.

Yesterday I came into the Kitchen where apparently she had been, because I saw that Ellie's formula can had been dumped out into various cups all over the counter.
2 days ago we were all sitting at the table eating and I was telling her to eat her food and she did a sharp hand gesture and said "No, Tupid (stupid) Dog!" Alan and I just looked at eat other and busted up laughing. Alan's dad always calls his dog "Stupid Dog," she picks up the darnedest things. So Funny.